Books I recommend.

On Relationships and parenting:

The Heart of Anger By Priolo

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This book is helpful for any family struggling with anger in children and adults.  It is clearly biblical and full of practical help for anyone wanting answers for the real reasons for anger and what needs to be done to get it under control. It does not address the potential medical causes. It does cover the ways that we as adults create anger in children and or ways we learned wrongly how to relate.  It is a book that can be used for Bible study or family devotions and should be intentionally carefully worked through if you honestly seek real results in helping family members starting with yourself.

Peacemaker by Ken Sande

click this link to purchase: Peacemaker      Adult book

click this link to purchase: Peacemaker Student edition for teens

Young peacemaker Workbook of lesson plans for teaching children.

This book is the Biblical version of emotional intelligence that adds the God component as the most essential component to relational wisdom, self-awareness, and other awareness.  It is a fantastic resource for building solid biblical relationships and learning how to handle and resolve conflict in a win-win way.

How Am I Smart By Kathy Koch  (this also fits education)

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An excellent resource that discusses the 8 intelligence areas first discussed by Howard Garner and how they fit with a biblical worldview of classroom instruction and/or helping your child at home.  She gives a good explanation of each area and then practical ways it impacts your child and ways to help them using their areas of giftedness.

Enemies of the Heart By Andy Stanley

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This book is a must for anyone struggling to figure out how to handle and resolve heart issues in a logical Biblical way that frees your spirit.  Guilt, Anger, Greed, and Jealousy are all carefully explained and addressed in a simple yet clear and very helpful way!

On Education:

The Motivation Breakthrough

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This book is about motivation. What are the things that motivate people and ways to encourage them to grow based on their motivational patterns?  This book needs to be read with discernment from a Biblical worldview. I have also developed a comparison with this to Spiritual gifts. But have not released all that yet. Its a work in Progress.


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