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A “Faithfulness of God” Walk through the Bible

Why this book?

Psa_40:10  I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness from the great congregation.

Why a book on the faithfulness of God?

What qualifies anyone to write anything about God?  Truly nothing does. We are in and of ourselves frail flesh and our loftiest ideas are chaff in God’s eyes apart from the cleansing blood of Jesus washing us and giving us the mind of Christ. 11Co_2:16  For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. And of the making of many books there is no end (Ecc 12:12)  In my life I have learned that simply reading the Word of God daily is enriching but also doing subject studies and finding a path through God’s Word related to a subject is another delightful way to grow in understanding the many ways God presents Himself to us.  I have found books like Andrew Murrays “Waiting on God” that simply studies the subject of Waiting on God from verses with that phrase, to be enriching and to spend a month on a theme simply cements that truth into my heart at an even deeper level. Knowing this I have done so with other phrases or passages. For example, I have this dear friend who challenged me to read 1 Thess 5 daily, for a month, when I was going through a difficult time. As I did, God opened my eyes in all new ways to the riches of what I needed to learn of Him in that one passage.

I first got interested in this particular topic study of the Faithfulness of God back in 2005 when I was teaching in the public schools of Greenville County. My pastor suggested doing a word study on the phrase “God is faithful.” I took the time to look up the verses at that point and found that study to be very encouraging to me. We talk a lot about God being faithful but we often don’t talk about what God is faithful to do or How He is faithful! This became an enriching exercise for me to trace and find out what exactly the Word of God says on that subject. Another thing I have learned from teaching is that it is not about me coming up with proof texts and ideas to share with people. But rather taking what God is drilling into my heart and sharing the verses with others and as I have done so, God takes His Word and makes it grow in theirs as well. In 2006 I went to Cameroon and was asked to do a Ladies Bible study.  Knowing how it had grown me to look more at my Savior’s faithfulness, I shared the verses with those wonderful Cameroonian ladies. We were all greatly enriched with that study as they talked about how these simple yet profound verses about God’s faithfulness had been evidenced to them when they considered the different scriptures and the stories in their lives of how God had made His Word and Himself real to them.

When I became sick in 2010 and was completely incapable of working for 7 months, I was cleaning some paperwork out one day and found that study again. It was deeply enriching and encouraging to once again review that truth in those days. When I thought about doing a book project, God immediately impressed on my heart this study again.  If God was wanting me to write, then He could dictate what subject to start with. Asking my friends Rebekah and Brenda to add their comments in and write their stories was a natural Segway. Both of them have learned what is it to dwell on the faithfulness of God through their own unique trials and challenges and have learned how to demonstrate an absolute trust that God was faithful to them even when human frailty and reason seemed to demand otherwise and have responded back in incredible faithfulness to the Lord.

Just this last summer I was asked again to teach a ladies’ Bible class and immediately felt God impressing me to revisit this subject again. I love that God’s Word is unchanging and fits every season of our lives. Once again the feedback was that it was timely and encouraging.

So the purpose of this book in my mind is simply to present each one of the biblical references to God being faithful, talk about how He’s faithful based on that context and then share real-life illustrations of how God has demonstrated His faithfulness, often in spite of our weakness and unbelief,  as single and  married women, and as people with varying levels of illness and other challenges. As individuals who have exalted in how God demonstrates His incredible personal love, steadfast love, and faithfulness. We decided to develop this into a devotional that could be read a day at a time where you could slowly learn and digest the meaning of each of the verses, in their context and how it applied to us and hopefully to you.

We invite you to Walk Through the Bible with us as we learn in a whole new way God’s faithfulness and how He demonstrates it.


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